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Cast Calendar

Cast Calendar

You are welcome to visit us without a booking/reservation.
However, we regret to inform you that in the event of full capacity, we may not be able to admit you, so we highly recommend making a booking/reservation in advance.
Please note that bookings/reservations are only available for those who wish to attend the first show.
If you'd like to see our show after the initial time, feel free to drop by directly.
Or we will accept bookings/reservations for the second show and onward on the day of the performance via telephone.

▶ And, please call our club (03-5544-9817) directly if you'd like to booking is for Today. "This method may offer quicker reservation options, as there can be email response delays during busy or same-day bookings."

For information about special event days and promotions, please access our Facebook and X=twitter pages (information is available in English as well).

Please also consider downloading our official app, available in both Japanese and English.
[Abbey Road for iPhone]   /   [Abbey Road for Android]

On our website, information is available in Japanese for more details.
[Schedule Page]



Important Notice:
This form is not applicable to reservations for today and our special event day as well.
・Bookings or reservations are exclusively open for the first show attendees.
・For the second show and onwards, bookings/reservations can be made via telephone on the day of the performance.

Please call our club (03-5544-9817) directly if your reservation is for today.

Please come to our club before the first show begins.
If you come after the first show, it may be canceled.

On weekdays, choose from 18:00 18:30 19:00.
< 16:00 16:30 17:00 Sundays Only. >

If it’s not exact yet, please fill in like “X-X”.

Mobile ※Daytime

Could you please confirm that your reservation is not for our special event day (e.g. John's memorial event, Paul's birthday event, and etc.)?

Thank you for your reservation.

Please check your email.

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