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Beatles figurines

Abbey Road Tokyo

'Abbey Road Tokyo' is a club (live house) where you can enjoy live performances by The Beatles tribute bands.

Please indulge in Beatles tunes while relishing delicious food and drinks!

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Hello English Speakers!
Groove in Fabulous Beatles Tunes!

If you reckon it's a tad tricky to step into a Japanese Beatles song club, fret not, mate! We extend a warm welcome to English speakers as well! The environment in our club where you will spend your time is sure to be comfortable. Maybe there might be a slight language barrier between us, but hey, what we groove to together are those fabulous Beatles tunes, innit!

We're eagerly anticipating your visit, mate.
Lots of Love and Peace.


Introduction of World Famous Artists Who Visited Us.

Since our opening in December 1996, many artists have come to visit us.

The Great Visitors

About us

Hours & Shows

Opening Hours:

Open: 18:00 - Close: 23:00 (4 Shows)

Sundays Only:
Open: 16:00 - Close: 21:00
(4 Shows)

Show Times:

1st Show: 19:00
2nd Show: 20:00
3rd Show: 21:00
4th Show: 22:00

Sundays Only:
1st Show: 17:00
2nd Show: 18:00
3rd Show: 19:00
4th Show: 20:00

Holidays follow either pattern.
Please inquire about special event days.

Please come to our club by the start of the first show.
Please be noted that your booking/reservation might be canceled if you come to the club after the show starts.

Parrots' live performance
shop interior photo


Music Fee(= Entrance Fee): per person

The Parrots

Sun. ~ Thur. 4,000 yen
Fri., Sat. & Holiday Eve 4,500 yen


The Mayfair

Any Day 3,500 yen


The River Birds

Any Day 3,500 yen

**December's Year-End Additional Music Fee the 500 yen.

Guest Appearers:
Revolution-9 / Wishing

Any Day 4,500 yen

Typically, we have four shows per evening, each lasting around 30 minutes (Subject to change on special occasions/ For Guest Appearers, not necessarily four shows per evening). The Music Fee, also known as the Entrance Fee, is the same for multiple shows on the same day.

Music fee does not include food and drink.
We ask guests to make minimum 2 orders; 1 food and 1 drink or 2 drinks per person.

Service Charge:

A 15% service charge will be added to the grand total (= music fee + food & drinks).


  • Please pay before you leave.

  • Club photography rules: Please be considerate of others by following these simple guidelines: no flash, avoid holding cameras above your head, and refrain from prolonged filming / recording.

  • We ask all guests to be respectful of others in the club.
    Please refrain from talking loudly, standing and dancing during the shows.
    Any guests who interfere with the enjoyment of other guests are subject to ejection from the club.

  • Heavily drunken guests will be refused admission to Abbey Road..

  • Outside food and beverages are not permitted in our club.

  • The fully Non-Smoking club. Welcome to our smoke free environment.

  • Please understand our system before the entrance.

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